Questions and Answers

How do I know I can afford your fees for an appropriate Trust Solution?
Our Solutions are provided on a fixed fee basis.  We believe in transparent charges and, whenever possible, will work on a fixed capped fee.

Does your Trust Review consider International/Offshore Trusts or just UK assets? 
Our Trust Review examines UK assets in trust or out of trust and all our Solutions are fully approved UK Trust Solutions, verified and certified by leading lawyers, who issue a letter confirming the Trust is ‘Fit for Purpose’.

Can you review my international trusts?
Due to the complexity and challenges of offshore trusts we would refer this review to one of our legal partners who would be able to advise you accordingly.  Our review relates purely to UK assets and Trusts.

Can my pension fund pay the charges for setting up a Pension Solution?
Yes, if your plan is a Self Invested Personal Pension Plan (SIPP) or Small Self Administered (Pension) Scheme (SSAS) our fees can usually be paid direct from your pension account.

Do I qualify for or need a Trust if I am only a member of a Death in Service scheme?
We recommend a Trust Review of all of your assets as clients often have mortgages, life assurance and pensions not in Trust or incorrectly written in Trust.

Can I pay the solution fee in instalments?
We appreciate the need to offer monthly instalments and this is available.  A deposit is required at the outset as legal advice has to be sought and certification provided.

What happens if I fail to keep up with the instalments?
The first thing to do is to call us and explain your situation and if we can help, we will.  If you fail to keep up with your payments for the solution you have bought,  before the fee is paid in full, we reserve the right to request full payment of any outstanding balance of the fee/charges.

Can I pay my fees by credit card?
Yes, you can pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer, whichever is easier for you, but we do not accept payment by cash.

I am concerned to ensure my Trusts are maintained and reviewed in light of future legislation changes in Trust Law and also Inheritance Tax.  How do I do this?
It’s possible to either contact us when you would like another Trust Review when a charge would apply in accordance with our published rates, or take advantage of our exclusive Retainer Service starting from £50 per month.

What happens if I change my Pension Provider or change employment?
Please contact us and let us know and we will advise you of the process to ensure tax efficiency is maximised.  The Trust relates to you rather than any provider and is flexible enough to accommodate as many changes as occur during your life-time.