Wealth Preservation Planning involves the protection of an estate from both tax and social impacts for clients during lifetime for future generations. 

The underlying principle is that life assurance, pension benefits, lifetime gifts, death-time inheritances or business assets from single persons and married couples are directed to Trusts never to individuals.

To achieve effective wealth preservation planning the interaction of both financial planning and effective legal frameworks are required. Solicitors do not specialise in financial matters and few financial planners have access to the level of legal advice required to provide flexible solutions.

We are trained and licensed to deliver appropriate planning. The solutions provide clients with unique, effective planning, which is certified fit for purpose, delivering maximum savings, long term protection and peace of mind.

Real Life Financial Solutions focus on providing trust solutions to the clients of accountants and other professional advisers, which typically deliver the two key benefits of protecting estates against unnecessary taxation as well as the all too frequently ignored impacts of lifestyle or social impacts.

Our solutions are guaranteed by our leading legal partners and address the needs of single clients and married couples.

Which clients benefit from our leading services?

  • Clients with life assurance, pensions or mortgage protection benefits not written into Trust.
  • Single persons with estates from £300,000
  • Married couples with estates from £500,000
  • Clients with only one child
  • Clients concerned about care fees
  • Parents or grandparents who gift sums of £3000 or more
  • Business owners
  • People expecting inheritances from their parents or siblings.
  • Individuals with financial policies or pensions not in Trust.
  • Larger estate (£1 – £3 million estates) requiring effective solutions
  • Couples living together but not in a legal partnership.